Reelect Rob Rennie

to the Los Gatos Town Council

Dear Los Gatos Neighbors,

Rob speaks to the graduating class of Hillbrook High, 2017.

Welcome to my re-election campaign website! I have been privileged to serve on the Los Gatos Town Council for the past four years, and currently as Mayor. During my tenure we have worked on many issues, including emergency preparedness, safe routes to school, school bus pilot program, senior and teacher’s housing, accessory dwelling units, streets and park’s renovations projects, and local economic sustainability to name just a few.

Going forward, I want to ensure we address the effects of state-mandated housing requirements while protecting our cherished view sheds, open spaces and the small town character we all love. We will continue to look for solutions to alleviate beach traffic, help local businesses stay viable, improve our government’s transparency and fiscal management practices, including reducing our pension liability to help insure a secure future.

Since retiring from the tech world, I have been active in Council committees and other local projects benefiting our town. I also have become a small business owner, which I love! This enables me to remain close to the interests of the town and stay involved. I love Los Gatos and pledge to work to keep it a safe, vibrant, livable community for all who call it home.

Please join our campaign and get involved as we go forward. I am always happy to hear from you on how we can work for a better Los Gatos.



Re-elect Rob Rennie to LG Council 2018. FPPC # 1405888.